Industrial furnace circulation fan /Type F

This blower is our main product which agitates the air inside the furnace and adjusts the air speed and temperature uniformly. It can be fit for circulation and agitation for various industrial furnaces such as heat treatment, baking, and drying. Sirocco type, axial flow type, and plate type are available for different applications.


Turbofan/Type TF

This turbofan is capable of high rotation & pressure and has features such as less influence of surging. It can be mainly fit for high-speed duct air conditioning, powder conveying, drying, combustion blower, and dust collection.


Limit Load Fan/Type LF
Air Foil Blade Fan /Type AF

This fan is as efficient as the Air Foil Blade Fan. It has the characteristic that its operating power is limited and not increasing the amount beyond a certain point even if the airflow rate increase. Since a large amount of airflow can get in the low-pressure range, it can often be fit for plant equipment and general intake and exhaust applications.


Plate Fan/Type PF

The blade consists of plate-shaped blades with sufficient wall thickness. Its resistance to dust adhesion is characterized by its resistance, making it suitable for applications where wear and bonding due to dust are significant. It is best suited for collecting dust, cutting wood chips, and conveying powder.


Sirocco Fan/Type SF

The Sirocco type consists of many blades of full-curved shape. It is widely fit for ventilation and air conditioning of air supply and exhaust because of its low-speed rotation, low noise, large air volume, and easy installation and maintenance.


Axial Flow Fan/Type ABAE

Installation is easy, space-saving, and low-cost because it can install between straight ducts. Compactness with high airflow makes it suitable for special applications such as local air supply and exhaust, cold air circulation in freezer rooms, and other freezing applications.


Cross Flow Fan/Type SFL

Its lightweight and compact shape allows for easy installation in a small space. Additionally, its ability to generate even air velocity without irregularities makes it possible to maintain suitable temperature distribution in the equipment. Unlike ordinary cross-flow fans, this can use for a wide range of equipment because of heat resistance up to 600°C.


Silent Blower/Type DS

This blower is high air pressure specification and low noise. The direct-coupled motor is lightweight, compact, easy to install, and high efficiency at any specification point. The filter is easy to replace and maintain. It is selectable air inlet and outlet positions.